Handful App for S60


I usually don’t write posts about software since I could have written about mobbler, but this time I found something that makes the jaw fall… 🙂

Yeah, I bet that every advanced s60 user tried at least once in his life an app called S60Ticker. Today stoeger it gives to our hands the new 1.05 version of it’s newest baby and I must say that the programmers have done a marvelous work. It works flawlessly and there’s so many things that have been improved since the last version which I tried that I’m really impressed. Let’s take the Pager functionality which allows you to filtrate all incoming messages in search for a given phrase and gives a special predefinied alert if it’s found!

21.07.2008 – S60TickerServer and S60TickerSetup version 1.05
  • Each ticker item is now able to link to any Url – e.g. to support newsfeeds.
  • Long key press “C” on mail ticker items will remove the item and mark the sms/email as read.
  • Internal optimization for key capturing (hotkey).
  • Ticker items with support for an unique action (see On-Action-Events) are underlined now.
  • Support for scrolling manually each ticker item by pressing cursor left or right. (Cursor keys for former speed adjustment have been removed – use setup to adjust scroll speed).
  • Pager: Any individual sound file can be played now. The file must be placed to C:\data\sounds\ and named to “S60TickerPagerAlarm.wav”.
  • updated language files (french).
  • BugFix: Option “Global > Inactivity timeout” resetted after (device) restart to 120 seconds.
  • Some minor optimization.

Personaly I really like the feature to apply a skin that fits your phone theme it’s looks really awesome.

… Have I told you about the coolest thing? S60Ticker has it’s own SDK and there exists an extension for it to automaticly download the latest news from rss channels and scroll it on your mobile screen. It’s called S60NewsReader. On the screenshot you can see me scrobbling my current tracks from last.fm as an example. The extension is fully customizable and full of handful shortcuts. You may add, edit, remove and schedule your favorite feeds, which will scroll over the screen while you’re watching a movie, writing an sms or coding your project in Python and if one interests you more than others, then with exacly two button clicks you can open it detailed in browser. Freakin’ cool.


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  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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