Room Visualization Part 2 – Furniture and assigning Materials



  • I’ve measured all my furniture and I constructed it using simple boxes and cylinders objects
  • Details on window frame, such as the pull


  • There are two things i can be glad off, the rest is shit.
  • First: the furniture glossy background. However I didn’t see the final render (I’m doing the render while writting this)
  • Second the glossy handle of the window


  • mr Sky Portal Settings: filter set to dark grey in order make some normal view outside the window


  • mr Photographic Exposure Control: changed preset to Daylight Indoor
  • Final Gather Settings: In the main render bounces increased to 5, Image Precision: High,  Final Gather Precision: High, in other renders everything is set to low with bounces 0.


  • The window handling added to the window


  • I’ve got a lot of problems in applying a proper texture such that my table doesn’t get too much highlights
  • I noticed that more glossy promaterials rather than the unfinished one don’t get completly white when directing a lighting on it, so all my furniture was set to glossy even if it’s not so glossy at all in real.
  • To sum up, 3ds max is great for modelling things, however when it comes to materials the issue is fimiliar to building a computer from home made parts… (materials editor in 3ds max = shit)
  • It took me 7 hours to render the main scene… Moreover vista user control and system update screwed my 3dsmax a couple of time… (mad)

Open for comments and suggestions.


One Response to “Room Visualization Part 2 – Furniture and assigning Materials”

  1. I’d say it looks pretty good but I’m a layman 😉

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