Project NO. 2 : IdeaList


I would like to announce that my second PyS60 project called IdeaList is near it’s first alpha release!

Today I’ve done another milestone in it’s developement and I decided to no longer keep the project secret.

So what does IdeaList do? Why did I create it?

Simply because I believe that there’s nothing more precious than time.

Do you remember the default Nokia calendar? The awful times when you’ve got to correct there something quickly, but it took minutes instead of seconds?

Do you remember the times when you’ve had a terrific idea and you’ve noted it somewhere on your phone, but then you forgot about it?

Idealist was designed to be a solution for those problems!

So how does the IdeaList differ from other time management applications?

  • IdeaList is the first mobile non-colision day planner! That means the end with overlaping tasks and appointments
  • IdeaList interface is done using a timeline conception, that means that you see what takes at most of your time
  • Every event in IdeaList holds a referer to a todolist! That means that  you can simply checkout your project milestones by entering an event todolist, called an IdeaBox
  • Every event can be stretched and moved over days visually! No need to enter exact time!
  • IdeaList allows you to note your Ideas by pressing just one key!
  • Idealist analyzes the day and helps you entering your idea into the calendar, by highlighting the free spaces

It’s hard to explain all that it can do and how simple it is, so in few weeks I’ll add some Video demo’s how it works.

Other features:

  • Scheduled sms sending
  • Visual Reminders
  • Two move modes
  • The background gradient changes dynamicly every hour, so it becomes darker at night and lighter in the day
  • Events and Ideas are sort by categories
  • Every category has it’s own color which can be adjusted by the user
  • Minimalistic signal and battery indicators
  • Easy key shortcuts
  • ….

However still there are some small things to do…


  • Showing the new message alerts
  • Saving the config file
  • App Icon
  • Beta testing on different phones
  • Sis packing and signing

and of course optimalization, which takes the most of my time right now.


9 Responses to “Project NO. 2 : IdeaList”

  1. O yeah! looks nice ! Waiting for final released!

  2. Hi,

    Cool project,
    Now its on,

    Best Regards,
    Pankaj Nathani

  3. 3 Sergio_Yinyang


    Where can I download it?

    Thank you.

  4. 4 masteranza

    It’s currently in packing state, so I’ll get you know when it’s ready

  5. 5 masteranza

    You can download it now from:

  6. 6 Ed

    how to install?


  7. Here you are Ed:

  8. 8 Ed

    Tks Man.. I will try later.


  1. 1 IdeaList by Ranza is now Public! - croozeus dot com

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