Developing Unity Lightmapping tools NO. 2 : Week summary



  • The main core with GUI has been done which contain a following options:
  • A dynamic list of lightmaps (shown as buttons)
  • Simply hierarchy display list for currently highlighted lightmap
  • Most necessary options “Pick selected objects”, “Clear list”, “Export FBX”
  • Optimal UV Packing:
  • the size of lightmap spot for an object depands on its surface area
  • the algorithm additionally “removes empty spaces” from each UV map in packing procedure
  • The algorithm repeats itself with smaller sizes if packing the objects on the given lightmap area failed
  • ASCII FBX Exporter (working mesh, material and uv export – with a small smoothing issue)
  • Tested the exported fbx files in 3dsmax and Modo


  • Automatic setting the lightmaps accordingly to their name as soon as they appear in Asset folder
  • Batch render script for 3dsmax
  • Exporting with scene preconfiguration for 3dsmax
  • An efficient solution for applying materials in 3dsmax
  • Some tools for intelligent batch shader switch on the objects which will be lightmapped, but currently don’t have a lightmap-enabled shader
  • Finding and eliminating current bugs

One Response to “Developing Unity Lightmapping tools NO. 2 : Week summary”

  1. wow..good info…let me share some more 3ds max tuts

    they have a huge list of 3ds max tutorials

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