Developing Unity Lightmapping tools NO. 3 : Week summary


I’ve changed a little bit the list for last week

Last week:

  • Automatic setting the lightmaps accordingly to their name as soon as they appear in Asset folder
  • Basic batch render script for 3dsmax, which opens max and renders&saves all lightmaps (yet hardcoded)
  • A solution for applying materials, and setting up lightning have been overdiscussed
  • An option for changing shader to lightmap-enabled one was implemented in the object list
  • Handling objects that are not ready for baking (non-valid uv2 map)
  • Lot of bugs have been repaired and code was send to the mentor for a review


(The Unity light is turned off :P)


Some first results – scene was setup in Unity and exported using my tools to 3dsmax where it was baked

Next week:

  • Implement an option for exporting default Unity lights
  • Research, for an optimal, most universal and non-roadblocking solution for loading preset lightning and other settings to an external app which will be doing the rendering (thinking about further development)
  • Implementing some of the advanced options
  • Developing batch render script for 3dsmax
  • Development of some small tools for helping users which uv2 seems not to be perfect correct (scale or offset)
  • Code optimization, bug removal and probable reorganisation (depanding on Lucas review)

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