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Turns out Apple didn’t mess it up. The real reason is SMB file sharing. Just go to System Preferences -> Sharing -> Options… and disable Share files and folders using SMB and you’ll notice immediate boost in responsiveness! via Advertisements

It’s some time since my post about Fedora & Vista dual boot using the Dell Media Direct button and I’ve realized that I don’t use linux at all. It’s not that I don’t like to – I would love to switch to another more customizable system, but I can’t. Windows binded me with too many […]

It’s a trick  that makes posible to write polish characters on your mobile in Python editor using Nokia SU-8W. All that’s needed is PyS60 installed with appuifw2 module. To write a polish letter press Alt Gr + Key, where Key is the usual key under which polish character is hiden. Few things that I could […]

After some trubles in doing dual boot and isntaling Fedora I decided to write this post so that other users won’t waste so much time as I did. Firstly if you wan’t to have your remote control working on your XPS you don’t have to install Media Direct! What’s more your remote will work on […]

Here you can find my own simple theme for Google Talk. Description: It’s a new theme with working emoticons on Gtalk, just have to remember to do a space before a emoticon. Instalation: 1. Extract the archieve to your X:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Talk\themes\system\chat\ directory, where X is your system drive letter and user […]