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It’s been a while since the first post about the lightmapping tool (even the name evolved to a more general one ;)) and I handed out the system to Unity a week ago. Now the mentors are making from it a neat package and adding some example assets and I myself am making the documentation […]

I’ve changed a little bit the list for last week Last week: Automatic setting the lightmaps accordingly to their name as soon as they appear in Asset folder Basic batch render script for 3dsmax, which opens max and renders&saves all lightmaps (yet hardcoded) A solution for applying materials, and setting up lightning have been overdiscussed […]

THIS WEEK SUMMARY: The main core with GUI has been done which contain a following options: A dynamic list of lightmaps (shown as buttons) Simply hierarchy display list for currently highlighted lightmap Most necessary options “Pick selected objects”, “Clear list”, “Export FBX” Optimal UV Packing: the size of lightmap spot for an object depands on […]

After some consideration I decided to change the name for a moment to make it less confusing for other people, because the project indeed is focused on the connection between Unity and Vray over 3dsmax, but the main core will allow everybody to use it for their own purpose with any software with a FBX […]

Yesterday I’ve received an information that my proposal (+ video) which I sent for Unity Summer of Code contest was accepted and I’m really excited about the system development 🙂 Basically the system is automating the bake process for Unity powered games using a powerful rendering software VRay. The Unity team proposed a bit different workflow […]