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I was trying to get a matrix for a projection of any point to a line given by the following equotations: After some time of research I’ve ended with the following result: Let then Of course the result isn’t new at all, it was just a big efford for me to do that at midnight […]

Problem: If you’ll eliminate every second person from the circle of people going clockwise, which one stays alive? (As first the second person dies) Aswer: if then the person with number stays alive. Equivalently it’s a one-bit-shift-left of number written binary I will not write here the whole solution, thus it can be found in […]

Since my first met with imaginary unit have past about 3 years. I’ve been thinking about it many times. First step forward in understanding was made when I acquainted with Schrödinger equation, it gave me some kind of experience with complex numbers. Meantime I’ve heard a lot of voices like “What is it for if […]

I’ve been searching for a long time for a trick that will allow me to show thumbnails of mp4 files and today I finally found it! The software you need to this trick is called CCCP (yes, like the old good Russia 😉 ) and it’s available from Here you see my beautifully personalized […]