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I’ve found an interesting analogy between going to sleep and developing relationships between man and woman. During the evening hours you feel sleepy. When you get mature, you feel a need to find a partner Moreover in case of some circumstances we may want to sleep during the day, but it’s rather rare. It’s rare […]

Since my first met with imaginary unit have past about 3 years. I’ve been thinking about it many times. First step forward in understanding was made when I acquainted with Schrödinger equation, it gave me some kind of experience with complex numbers. Meantime I’ve heard a lot of voices like “What is it for if […]

[WARNING] IF YOU AREN’T INTERESTED IN DISCOVERING THE RULES OF NATURE OR YOU HATE SCIENCE JUST IGNORE THIS POST. Very often when I study Math, when I try to harness it power, I find the reasons why to do it. Moreover, I believe that nothing could ever exist without Math. Math is everything. “Nature’s great […]