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Some notes from my classes and worth seeing (if not remembering) results. We’d like to calculate the function called density of states, for systems with partially restricted dimensions. In fact all of the considered cases are 3D, they’re just confined spatially in one (2D) or two directions (1D). Starting from the general term for density of […]

It’s high time to support my physics by computers. Today I experimented with Newton’s Law of Gravitation for 3D and as far as it goes to one object it works great. However I didn’t managed to apply the force to the second object (The Sun).The movie which you can see above is a gif, cause […]

Well, everyone of us probably heard in high school (or earlier) that the photon has it’s own momentum. And I think that more then a half of us kept wondering then about it. Namely, without deep knowledge of Physics, such statements like “light have no rest mass”, or “light is an electromagnetic wave, but it […]

Suppose that we have a grounded sphere made from a conductor and an electron far from the sphere. Let the radius of the sphere be and the beginning speed of the electron be orientated on the line in distance of from the center of the sphere. The smallest distance between electron and the center of […]

Reading R. Resnick – D. Haliday thermodynamics, I’ve found something well known me although it’s making me wonder every single time when I think about it. It’s the derivation of the thermodynamics law that goes like this: From first law of thermodynamics , but in the adiabatic process we have and instead of we put […]

Superposition is such an obvious rule in Physics that it’s worth telling when it doesn’t work. The rule breaks, when equatation of a wave is not longer linear. It happens when the altitudes are big enough to make the Hook’s Law fail ( ). Example: Shock waves after explosions which characteristic differs from a normal […]

I’m not glad from the solutions, but I had no better idea’s :] Sorry. All 15 tasks solved

Some time ago, OF have published their new problems to solve by the students.Here’s the direct link from which you can download them: Step I Part I Part II & a needed photo I will publish my own solution here before the official ones, only for trusted friends – on password   I wish you […]