Count on Math




Very often when I study Math, when I try to harness it power, I find the reasons why to do it. Moreover, I believe that nothing could ever exist without Math. Math is everything.

“Nature’s great book is written in mathematics.” Galileo

Try to communicate without Math, I wish you good luck. That’s because Mathematics holds logics, symbol interpretations, relations and many more necessary things. I give you 100$ (I don’t have even more recently 😉 ) if you’ll point me at a thing proven of its own existence by an experience that can receive anybody and which cannot be explained with math. What are we talking about?! We aren’t even able to explain anything without using MATH. Even when you look at a chick walking down the pavement you apprise her abilities and her look. *Somehow the correct dimensions were put into our heads and we use our built in and developed through years comparison engine to mark the girl as attractive or not. Many people are skeptic and they ask me how numbers can explain their feelings. They truly don’t know Math. Mathematics were born from numbers, but… I would like to quote a Polish Philosopher:

“Wy nie wiecie co to jest matematyka! wy myślicie: liczby, liczby! Nie! A ona śpiewa, gra jak kryształ. Cała dusza tonie w dźwięcznym, przejrzystym krysztale”…

(“You don’t know what’s mathematics about! You think: numbers, numbers! No! She sings, she plays like crystal. All spirit sinks in vibrant, transparent crystal“)

Stanisław Brzozowski

When after a minute, hour, day, week, month or even years of thinking you’ll find the truth hidden in equations and the subtle structure of connected everywhere objects you’ll understand that you don’t need magic, you don’t need god cause you are already at the source. It’s funny that people are able to believe in god’s that are different in every civilization when meantime the only connection between those civilizations was SCIENCE, Science build on MATH. And the most funny thing are the adjectives given to god. What does – almighty– or even worst – good- mean?! How it helps to describe such thing as god? What sense does have singing and standing in church? As Mathematician I don’t have to think about this kind of questions. I have other things to do.

*Somehow – we can create a conjecture based on logic thinking and Physics how it really works, but It’ll take place in future coming posts

** I’m sorry for my grammar! If someone can find a bug in text please contact me!


5 Responses to “Count on Math”

  1. 1 betathetamu

    Forget about the bugs in your text. It doesn’t matter. I’ll just comment on your post.

    Let’s not zoom into the picture too much. You know what zooming in does, don’t you? It increases the number of variables. More variables to deal with means more problems to solve. When you’ve zoomed in way to much, even a pixel looks like a giant planet. Zoom out and try to simplify the equation. I’m not much of a mathematician, but I’d like to try to prove my point in a simple way. There are only two possibilities. We were created by something that was created by something that was created by something and so on… it creates an endless chain of events which means infinity. Does infinity exist? Actually, no. How? Simple. For something to exist, it must have two essential properties. Start & End. Birth and Death. It is only then that you can attest something’s existence. Infinity means, no end. No end means, one of the essential properties required for existence is missing. Logical conclusion? Infinity does not exist. Introduction of infinity in our mathematics is an anomaly, a mistake which we deliberately commited in order to make things easier for us. E.g. in Coulomb’s law for charged particles F(e) = k QQ/(x^2), now for force of attraction b/w two electrons, a value of x greater than few milimeters would be infinity. Why? For our ease. So F(e) at distance more than few centimeters is CONSIDERED to be zero, but is it zero? Actually no. There is force of attraction b/w two electrons situated at the opposite ends of the universe as well. So the notion that we were created by something that was created is wrong. Now, the only two options that remain are. We were created by something that was NOT created by anything or we were NOT created at all. Now do we exist? I think you can answer this better than me! Yes, we do. Now, just because you can’t lift 300Kgs doesn’t mean another man can’t lift it! Go back a few thousand years in time and tell the people that mankind will be flying in skies on giant airplanes in a few thousand years and you’ll either be stoned to death or crucified. Introduction of dimensions more than three in string theory just proves that we simply don’t have the math to explain a few things. Math required to explain God, once discovered, would answer many questions. Here, I”m talking about a God who is above petty religions, above all things, a God who doesn’t threaten us with eternal punishment in hell if we don’t do this or that. I’m talking about the true God. I hope you got my point. By the way, I like your work.

    A. Asjad

  2. 2 masteranza

    I see that you are near my idea of an endless fractal that do assume that the infinity exist and it’s not logically incorrect. Infinity apprehended as non-object, a space attribute.
    If you would like to discuss a little about it please write me an email: masteranza at
    Maybe you are right, maybe we do not understand infinity well, as our dimensions are limited.
    You are right giving a point with Columb Law. Almost. Almost because, it’s true that Columb Law do fuck up if we’ll try to count the force when two electrons are right behind each other and for this are two possible explanations.
    1. It never happens in reality
    2. The Columb Law is not enough rigorous
    But it’s not true that Columb Law gives as an improper results. Just the physicist consider it to be very small, but for mathematics F(x) is always >0, except infinity (and this isn’t any number)

    “Introduction of dimensions more than three in string theory just proves that we simply don’t have the math to explain a few things.”

    I think that it doesn’t prove it. Maybe our tool is not yet ready to handle it? And in the opposite we have 4 dimensions is General Relativity of Einstein’s which is considered to be true. I think that GR holds a lot of beauty. It’s mathematically simple considered inside group theory…
    see the articles:

    I understand your point of view it’s a little similar to mine old one, but can you precise that? “Math required to explain God, once discovered, would answer many questions.”
    btw. I used to believe in god sometime ago, now I found it useless. I mean that I simply do not think about god anymore, it takes to much from my precious life.

  3. 3 the7new7ramanujan

    i’d agree more with masteranza than betathetamu. it’s WE don’t have the mathematics to answer all questions, not that the mathematics doesn’t exist. it’s only a matter of time to find it out.
    And, by the way, why can’t creation be a cyclic process ? otherwise the whole idea of creation is lopsided, stretching forever on both sides.

    and yes, masteranza, good work. keep it up.

  4. 4 masteranza

    thank you the7new7ramanujan, I suppose that English isn’t your native language, but though I understand you.
    Tell me please, why you call yourself the new ramanujan? Are you really so good? Maybe you’ll want to talk about mathematics or your results? if so, write me: masteranza at
    Always open.

  5. 5 the7new7ramanujan

    oh come on masteranza. no prize for guessing i’m an Indian. and, well, my english isn’t that weak. only that i skipped a ‘who’ in the comment !
    ramanujan is up there among the elites of mathematics, … with aristotle, descartes, euler … being as good as him is a lot. Needless to say, i’m not that good. i’m in my 2nd yr of college, interested in bioinformatics, biostats etc …
    thanks for the id. i’d be in touch with you.

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