The enourmous common inconsequent reasoning

I considered to spend an hour of my life to write down something that’s on my mind quite often.

That thing is the enourmous common inconsequent reasoning.

Before I’ll start the right part of this article, I’ll write a little intro.

The Intro

First some axioms with which more or less everyone should agree.

0. A mentaly healthy person: doesn’t make consiously the first step for making a harm (physicly or psychicaly) to anybody.
1. Mentaly healthy people: People who struggle to achieve happiness, taking in account the equal right for it of every mentaly healthy person.
2. Preserved action: Action that is valid with ones previous statements and actions.
3. Direct impact: has place when taking action other than staying in preserved idleness, has an effect on somebody.
4. The matter of joy is invidual for every human. One should be allowed to retrieve as much of it as he desires, assuming that retrieving it doesn’t hit the property of others or their happiness directly.

After reading those axioms someone could say that there are no mentaly healthy people since every one made a bigger or smaller harm to somebody, but that’s not true, because a vast majority of that harm is done in spite of the unclear meaning of the word consiously. So when someone concedes somebody’s action as consiusly harming him, then it starts the whole chain reaction…

So, how to avoid that? Maybe if one would be more sharp so he could predict the future events it wouldn’t happen. Maybe if vicitm was more thinking, it would come to the fact that the unhappiness was not supposed to touch her? I believe so. I believe that knowledge and intelligence leads to peace, harmony and balanced perfection.

How to achieve that? Of course by developing intelligence, our knowledge about the world and the network. The network of instant connections, full of answers for every question. That’s the true thing on which we should focus and don’t go away from.

Meanwhile there are several things that people like to do more than developing themselves and others thru science.

Part I: Holding tight to the dogma

-Remember to go to church today.

For a lot of children there’s nothing more irritating than hearing that, especially when they’re grown up and adult…

Decision for having children means and agreement for their minds freedom. Parents who aren’t Ok with the fact that their children should have an oppurtunity to define their own philosophy shouldn’t have kids at all. Moreover kids should be learning ethics, not any religous nonsense based on culture. They will not do any harm to anybody directly by not learning that.

Parents by saying things like this:

-…you will regret it someday, a life without a god is empty.

Just points that themselves had existensional problems, and they just had to filled that emptiness with something, unluckily it was a religion which cought their attention.

Another sad fact is that that many of those sedentaried people who believe in some dogma, aren’t capable of thinking different, moreover they often do weird stuff to rationalize their strange dogma’s, and that’s not that, that I want to discredit their dogma – they may be right in their assumptions, but they will never obtain a scientific proof which is required if they want others to accept them.

Part II: Money and temporary goods

It become a common belief that good grades and a degree in something are the gates to money. Yeah that statement is true, but a lot of people forget the fact why it’s true. It’s true because degree level should mean something- a good Ekonomist should know math and be ready for real life problems, so the employer could sleep smoothly. A good fighter should have a lot of experience in fight, know the exact technique, so that when it happens to him to fight for the army he knows what to do. A good psychologist should be experianced in dealing with trouble and solving people problems. Such people earn many and in the end are happy, cause they’ve done their job. They do something in which they are talented and take joy from.

Those are the basic ideas, how things in the society should work.

However there are some factors that disturb that harmony. Trends – that’s something that lots of people seems to follow blindly.

“I will become a doctor, recently country needs new and there’s a lot of money from it” – I heard it very often recently… but what with the dissapointment which shows up when one fails a test in subject that his not interested in? Or worse, what dissapointment will touch him after a few years of work if it doesn’t give him any satisfaction?

Part III: Going to the cinema instead of going to watch the movie.

Nowadays ‘studying become a synonym for a one big party, a lot of alcohol and relationships. I don’t want to say that studies should not consist that, but students should know what are they doing there…

Part IV: Fanatics

I would like to quote here some believing people who I didn’t liked because of they penchant for mixing the religion with science and who tried to comment my statesments: “What are you hiding from?”, “The emptiness around you must be overwhelming.”, “I’ll pray for you”, “There are no other gods by Jahwe, that’s what the bible says”.

And finally the most classic one, heard in church “Let’s pray for non-believers so that they’ll find the truth path…”

I must admit that those are the most annoying and foolish words I’ve ever heard.

Fanatics (although not only religious) are for me, the most dangerous people on earth. Their agressive behaviour cannot be predicted since they belief is based on some dogma.

Part V: Looking at past photos, considering the past, unnessesary meetings.

Family meetings should not have place till there’s something to talk about. There’s nothing more family war friendly than too long time together.

Fimilar waste of time is looking at past photos. We should not gather old data if they don’t have any significant for us. Sometimes considering old problems has a lot of positives sights, however living the past is a waste of time.


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