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Well, everyone of us probably heard in high school (or earlier) that the photon has it’s own momentum. And I think that more then a half of us kept wondering then about it. Namely, without deep knowledge of Physics, such statements like “light have no rest mass”, or “light is an electromagnetic wave, but it […]

It’s really inspiring 🙂

Here I’m posting the source code written in Python for the Google Code Jam Practice Problems. The tasks is available after logging at google – in: in Practice Problems link. I don’t consider this code to be optimal or the quickest, so I’m open for your suggestions and remarks, what could have been done […]

The angle which arms contain chords or tangents of a circle is the half of the sum (if the verticle of the angle lies inside the circle or on it) or difference (if the verticle lies outside) of middle angles based on the curves, which set this angle. The proof can be illustrated by following […]