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So you want to code on your phone, huh? indispensable tools which you’ll need depend on what phone you have. Here I will show you what do you need to install if you have a s60v3 nokia phone with at least 64mb of RAM, like N95, N95 8GB or E90.  If you don’t know how […]

I’ve found an interesting analogy between going to sleep and developing relationships between man and woman. During the evening hours you feel sleepy. When you get mature, you feel a need to find a partner Moreover in case of some circumstances we may want to sleep during the day, but it’s rather rare. It’s rare […]

Problem: If you’ll eliminate every second person from the circle of people going clockwise, which one stays alive? (As first the second person dies) Aswer: if then the person with number stays alive. Equivalently it’s a one-bit-shift-left of number written binary I will not write here the whole solution, thus it can be found in […]