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Today, I noticed an amazing and worth memorizing thing. I turns out that fibbonacci series shows up also in graph theory in one of the simplest graphs: Where’s Fibbonacci hiden here? Well, the graph can be represented as a folowing matrix: By multiplying the matrix by itself and using induction we get:¬† Advertisements

It’s a trick ¬†that makes posible to write polish characters on your mobile in Python editor using Nokia SU-8W. All that’s needed is PyS60 installed with appuifw2 module. To write a polish letter press Alt Gr + Key, where Key is the usual key under which polish character is hiden. Few things that I could […]

Matrixes seem to have a lot of wonderful properties, for example they may help checking if given triangles represented each by three complex numbers (verticles) are simillar. So, two triangles represented by complex numbers and are similar if, and only if: Proof coming soon.