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[WARNING] IF YOU AREN’T INTERESTED IN DISCOVERING THE RULES OF NATURE OR YOU HATE SCIENCE JUST IGNORE THIS POST. Very often when I study Math, when I try to harness it power, I find the reasons why to do it. Moreover, I believe that nothing could ever exist without Math. Math is everything. “Nature’s great […]

Some time ago, OF have published their new problems to solve by the students.Here’s the direct link from which you can download them: Step I Part I Part II & a needed photo I will publish my own solution here before the official ones, only for trusted friends – on password   I wish you […]

It’s 17:15 6.08.2007, the blog catches it first breath. It’ll be a Science Blog with a lot of mine Personal thoughts, so that’s why from now on I’ll call it MY PSB. Now I have some work to do with flickr…