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God damn. I took me about a half of an hour to Google that out…   Things to do to fix Visual Studio C++ Express (Probably in most cases you don’t have to delete those entries first. (worked for me)):   Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Run, and type “RegEdit.exe” Locate […]

This short video intends to show you shortly how to use IdeaList application and how can it simplify your daily time management. IdeaList is completly free and open on GNU v3 licence. Feel free to download it from: Mobiola Screen Capture demo (not working quite well) was used to do this video so it […]

The polynomial argument is a very useful fact which can be used in order to prove, or justify a statement. It bases on simple fact that non-zero polynomial of k degree, can have no more than k solutions, futhermore the difference of two polynomials of k degree can also have max of k solutions if only […]