Systematic for iOS


The following quote captures the essence of Aristotle’s philosophy and uncovers a lot of motivation behind my new iOS app called Systematic

However the real source of motivation to create this app has been my year long stay in Valencia (Spain), where more then ever before have I learned about the benefits of a well balanced life.

Not only did the balance get me more productive, but it also got me much more relaxed.

However getting to this wonderful point of balance took my about 3/4 of a year in Spain. So I’ve begin to wonder how could I speed up the whole process. How do I free myself from procrastination? Perhaps with some kind of system that would help keeping life well balanced?

Could one of the old systems be used to get to a more balanced life?


  • No, calendars are too rigid for this new purpose.
  • Calendars are useful for things that you must do, at a certain hour like work, lectures or meetings.


  • No, reminders need constant attention and are annoying if not set to the right hour.
  • Reminders are useful for things that you need to remember.

Todo lists?

  • No, todo lists do not repeat the task over periods of time.
  • Todo lists are good for keeping a list of task connected with a certain project.

So I’ve needed to develop my own application.

An app that would keep track of the tasks that you want to do repeatedly and suggest them at the right moment.

I’m really glad with how the app turned out as it’s extremely helpful for me for a bunch of reasons:

  • I don’t get overwhelmed by the number of tasks I need to accomplish.
  • It doesn’t tell me “Do X now”, it tells me “Hey, here’s a bunch of things you could be doing right now ordered by the ones most neglected”.
  • I don’t need to keep track of all the things in my head.
  • I know that even if I don’t get everything done perfectly, after some time I’ll get more efficient and do things better.

Although I already have a roadmap till version 1.1, I’m open for suggestions!

Tell me what functionality in your opinion is missing or what you’d change.

Enjoy a better life with Systematic🙂


13 Responses to “Systematic for iOS”

  1. 1 Rohan

    Wish you Happy New year 2012 !!!

    I am not able to find Systematic app on App Store

    • The link is on every “Systematic” label 😉
      Here you go
      just in case 🙂
      Also you can find it directly on App Store for iOS devices.

      • 3 questionnnnnnn


        This is the quickest way of contacting you!

        Regarding one of your super old articles:

        Do you still own this laptop?

        I have a question about how you set this up:

        Since grub isn’t installed on the MBR, what would happen if the linux partition was deleted? I want to ensure that I can still boot windows. I also want to be sure I can remove my fedora installation and still boot windows.

        Would the newest version of fedora allow me to install grub in any directory?



      • Sorry, I don’t know what would happen. Also I no longer have this laptop.

  2. 5 Vic

    This app is awesome! I’m passing the link along to my classmates. Thanks, Michal!

    • I’m glad you like it. Today version 1.01 became accepted and it now processes to app store.
      Still I see some work that can be done and it will be done in the upcoming weeks. See projects trello:

  3. If I had an iPhone I’d be all over this app… but alas I only have a dumb phone. lol Great idea though, definitely going to tell my friends about it!

  4. 8 Andy Middleton


    Excellent app, sir! It is almost exactly what I myself have been looking for (and even planning to make an App!)… My missing feature for this to REALLY be a life-organiser: instead of me writing down my habits (a boring chore where will surely forget half!), bug me constantly (during the first weeks use) to ask me what I am doing right now – bug me and ask me and remind me again! My problem (as you may have noticed) is actually getting everything down… If the app notices a certain movement, or that am in the same place a while, each day, ask me what I doing, and then after a couple of weeks, confirm that I am doing what I said – thereafter is only question of finding the spaces for the particularly interesting projects that I DO get round to noting down, but never find time for, as my other more boring habits are NOT noted!
    Again, an excellent app, and if it bugged me into using it more, I’m sure it would help me a lot more!!


    PD although I’m English, I live in Tenerife, and am self-employed, so every so often I catch my eye on “the next project”, some see the light, some go under, but I am forever thinking if I actually use my time the best I could…


    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks for the warm words! We’re actually planning to redesign the app a bit for iOS 7 and your suggestions will surely be taken into account.
      If you’d like to add more ideas feel free to use our trello 🙂
      Have a nice (and productive) time using Systematic!

      • 10 Balaji KS

        Hi Masteranza,

        Thanks for the excellent app.

        When can we expect ios 7 redesigned app?


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