Analogies among activities NO.1



I’ve found an interesting analogy between going to sleep and developing relationships between man and woman.

  • During the evening hours you feel sleepy.
    When you get mature, you feel a need to find a partner
  • Moreover in case of some circumstances we may want to sleep during the day, but it’s rather rare.
    It’s rare for children to become involved with somebody.
  • On the other hand extremely tired people can sleep during standing
    Lonely people on the end often give up quality choices.
  • Sometimes we eat something or drink that does not let us sleep, for example coffee.
    Sometimes people practice things that temporarily satisfy their needs for relationships, like masturbation or viewing pornography, watching films.
  • While having insomnia people turn around in their beds, searching for a cold place, but whenever their find it, it turns warm and they still can’t sleep
    People dominated by media promoting perfection often find people boring and whenever their find one, they feel disappointed with his flaws and lack of perfection.
  • Very often when when we think to much about how much we want to fall asleep we can’t actually do it.
    When we are trying to hard in seeking for a partner we often encounter failures.
  • If we are wearing on us to much closes it’s rather difficult to fell asleep in opposite of wearing a pyjama or sleeping naked.
    When we are being reserved or withdrawn we encounter problems in finding a partner

As you can see there are many similarities in those two things…
So can I conclude, that human should be polygamous, since he sleeps hundreds of times in his life? Or should they be treated as constant attempts for eternal dream?


One Response to “Analogies among activities NO.1”

  1. 1 ecik

    The last two questions miss a point a bit in my opinion. We sleep hundreds of times – we fall in love hundreds of time but why not with the same person? If you identify evenings with adulthood, it means that every evening is next level of that adulthood; next step in love. This is how I would interpret that.

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