Code PHP and Python on mobile (s60v3)


n95 8gb
So you want to code on your phone, huh?
indispensable tools which you’ll need depend on what phone you have.
Here I will show you what do you need to install if you have a s60v3 nokia phone with at least 64mb of RAM, like N95, N95 8GB or E90.  If you don’t know how to code in Python -look here for PHP tutorial – look here


  • s60v3 phone with at least 64mb of RAM (that amount of ram is needed to run PAMP)
  • SU-8W keyboard (without it you’ll run out of thumbs)

Software for developing Python apps:

Software for developing PHP apps:

Known Issues on PAMP:

  • I wasn’t able to connect any mysql database with PAMP, so probably the only thing that’s left is to save all data in normal files.
  • Zend Framework doesn’t seem to work on PAMP.

Some apps written in Python:

Sometimes I think to myself that I don’t really need a laptop as long as I don’t do much graphic.
Nokia N95 8GB have enourmous possibilities and I wouldn’t change it for e90, since SU-8W is a lot more comfortable keyboard.

7 Responses to “Code PHP and Python on mobile (s60v3)”

  1. 1 Tetek

    yep, u r right saying “Sometimes I think to myself that I don’t really need a laptop as long as I don’t do much graphic.” it’s nice to have apache on phone, unfortunettly (in this aspect) I have a n91 so apache wouldn’t run on my phone.. Thanks god for my notebook 😉
    btw. Nice post, keep it going !

  2. 2 Cesar


    Maybe this isn’t the best place to ask you a question about your programa pyask, but I don’t know of a better place!

    I used to know a little bit about programming but I gave it up a long time ago, until I came across your program Pyask, a couple of days ago.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to have a program like pyask (to learn Arabic), and I’m very grateful that you have made it an open source. As my own personal project, I’d love to modify it so that it’ll suit my needs. Because I know nothing of Python it’ll take me a while, but it’s OK, I’m willing to do learn whatever I need, and besides, s60 python seems to give most things chewed for you, which is great.

    Because I’ve never programmed for a mobile phone before (by the way, I own a Nokia n73, based on Symbian s60 3rd Ed. fp1(?) ) I’ve been reading forums to make sure I have all the tools I need to get started. Everything was OK until I tried to create a .sis file. I was suggested to do it with ensymble, which runs well except for one thing: icons!

    I’m not capable to create an icon that will work! At this stage, after reading so much, I’m more confused than ever. I don’t even know for sure what format of icons my mobiles accepts. Some say .mbm, others say this is for s60 2nd ed. Others say svg-tiny, (which is the only one accepted by ensymble), others say that is only for s3rd ed fp2!!

    Please help! Or at least let me know of a good forum. Or better, would you be so kind to tell me how you created the icon for pyask?

    Thanks in advance,
    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  3. Well, it’s been a long time since I made pyAsk and the way I did an icon for it was tricky. Nowadays, while doing my second app (Idealist) I managed to do high quality icons using Adobe Illustrator and saving the file as SVG (probably Tiny 1.2 as I don’t remember), so this will probably work.
    at the end don’t forget to add a following line:

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  5. I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep up writing such exciting stuff!

  6. Hi sir, the page for pamp download isnt running.. Please send me a copy of the file so that i can install it to my 6120c. I tried all files on sourceforge but it doesnt work on my phone. Please tell me what should i do..

  7. hi I download pamp 1_0_2 from sourceforge but when I install it says update error please help i have a nokia n95 black 8g.

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