Project NO. 1 : pyAsk 2 beta 4 released!


Today I’ve released pyAsk 2 in beta 4 (I’ve quickly found some bugs in previous betas). The software was created with an intention to bring educational software to mobile phones and it was written using only a mobile phone (n95 8gb) with external keyboard (SU-8W) during bus rides to school :).

PyAsk is now an open source app written in Python for s60 which asks you from predefinied words and allows you to create ones and own dicts on the way to school or university.

In the second version I’ve added:

  • sis installer
  • ‘both-side-asking’
  • option to add many synonyms added my commas (like: sysnonym1, synonym2,… synonymN)
  • small improvements as the number of synonyms (x) and the number of current question (#x/y) in the query window

Here the project’s homesite:

Here are a few screenshots:

ow, I almost forgot I’d like to thank everybody which helped in pyAsk development or beta testing, and exclusivly there are: Łukasz Jezusek, Ecik & Alfred Niewiem who helped 🙂


2 Responses to “Project NO. 1 : pyAsk 2 beta 4 released!”

  1. 1 Julian

    Nice mobile app. Really useful for me 😀

    Some suggestions for next versions:

    – possibility to avoid sound (“piiii”).
    – possibility to limit the number of questions (useful when you use a huge dictionary).
    – possibility to alternate the direction of the questions automatically.
    – maintain a log of the results
    – spanish translation 😛

  2. “`- I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives great information -“,

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